Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Long Time No~~~ What..?



Wah... its like almost 2 month im through my life without posting anything... _|¯|O"

Can't believe it... huh..tiring my body... (almost ate me alive.. thesis.. 5 final paper.. WTF~~!)

hope i can completely burn the bridge down.....

Today... my last paper... heck, im also can shout "Merdeka...~! Merdeka...~!" out loud and looks like complete idiot.. still.. the percent im flunking this paper quite high... HUH... (T___T)

so no point I'm doing it... *ding~~~* (-___-)"

Despite that scenario maybe happen to me soon enough... im having quite happy decent life this month... hmm... maybe not too decent.. lots of party, lost a lot... some thing like that... LOL

So... enough typing... long story short...

Place: kellie's castle
Date: 15/10/2010
Time: Hmm.. quite sweat me lil bit... u guess...

Some of the photos taken from there....

So u all can check my flickr site for views more noobies edited pic...

so.. for now

"Thankz for ur LOVE" (#^.^#)


Friday, September 3, 2010

Hari Raya Filter..?



Wow... now only left 7 days fasting in Ramadhan Month.. Or in our words its start "Malam 7 likur".. precisely means we can start to hang our what we called "pelita" around our house... this is the best feeling at all when come to Hari Raya Aidilfitri... (>_<) (^o^)v

Wahh.. its been like a week since my last post... i have a lot of pic wanna to share but my M license was to big enough... hahaha.. if u know what i mena... plus my upcoming thesis proposal have to be done before raya.... huh... (-____-)


i just got call fro my fen when im typing this out... i only can meet him when raya holidays... meaning just once a year... he one of my best fren and we known each other since little..wow.. now i feel this raya coming spirit..

Dont let lil things break my raya spirit (even i only feel a little) but best things are.. i can meet all my fren which they work at other state and only Raya holidays i can meet them all and we be together in few days... "lepak " sharing our previous history and experiences... LOL until crying... thats the BEST feeling at all... now im 25 years old... so i always askin myself... until when i can keep doing this in the future... 2 of them already got engaged... only god know when they will be marry.. and left us to be with theirs new family... ahhahaha (got sentimental....) thats enough...

So... long story short...

when i browsed around alphanatics forum.. i got someone offer me a filter that i can resist... (haih... i keep spending money..and i got installation payment... wow.. that guy really rocks...) After short thinking.. i straight agreed and ask him to send me his details...

** pic is from actual product... so this is 77mm MC Carl Zeiss filter.. for my UWA lens..

LOL... So i got my RAYA filter while other peoples show their new "baju raya" i just show them my new FILTER raya... Well.. i hope i got my deal... Before i forgot.. I just wanna say...


so.. for now

"Thankz for ur LOVE" (#^.^#)


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Farewell My Babies



Huh... (-__________-")

I just got back form Midvalley today.... For COD purposed... I just let go my kitty's baby to very nice gentlemen... one from Bandar Tasik Permaisuri and other from Rawang... Both of them really nice and compromise reallly well.. the one i most respect is from the Rawang guy.. i just know his name as "Su" (ist?? if he read this n i got it wrong dont get mad with me yah...) (^.^)v
he came all the way from rawang and met me at midvalley and went back after the deal... wow..

and for me... i just like really busy business man... coz i do the cod in same place but in difference time... i break my fast at 7.24pm.. but in that time all food services full house with other people.. i only can started ate at 9.05pm.. hahaha..

Funny part is when they called me.. i have to go out each time... so it's like more 10 times i went in and out... LOL... I can saw my gurl start looking me with her sweet weird eyes ... so cute...

The truth is i dont want to let go my lil precious babies... but if i keep it it just settle down in my black drybox and feels like they be abandon by me... (stereo type speaking..) LOL... and other cause is some of money i got from sold this lenses will be used for my thesis... heartbreak.. but its true..

My both lenses are Sony 18-70mm F3.5-5.6 DT and Sony 55-200mm F4-5.6 DT.. they served me with honor and never fails me in the past... from buyer character i see... they will be in good hand and served them well from now on...

So here i want to tribute some pic i taken with this 2 lenses when im really new in DSLR... newbie with entry level camera...

Sony 18-70mm F3.5-5.6 DT
jonker gallery
guess who...

Sony 55-200mm F4-5.6 DT

So... i hope they will produce pic like this in the future... with their's new owner... farewell my babies.. (T_____T)

so.. for now

"Thankz for ur LOVE" (#^.^#)


Monday, August 23, 2010

Tamron SP AF 70-200 mm f/2.8 Di LD (IF) MACRO



Yesterday i went to Pudu Plaza.. Zaloon Studio... Just a regular window shopping... when i look around my eyes caught attention on this Tamron SP AF 70-200 mm f/2.8 Di LD (IF) MACRO zoom lens... so i try it out... for myself satisfaction.. it new in the box though.. and im the first one tried it out... (^_^)v

This lens cross my mind and wish to buy it in the future... from my simple review this lens quite fast focusing (even not fast enough like Sony 70-200 G lens)..

this an example pic i taken at f 2.8, iso 400 i cant cope the focus maybe coz i dont setting anything and strait shoot once i mount to my cam body.. with minor PP.. no sharpening or anything..

For this pic below i do double snap.. really minimal range without focus or anything just P&S

But its good enough from me... regards from my budget.. its cheaper than G lens.. like 50% cheaper... the cons of this type of lens is really heavy..

I like to do some more technical review but i dont experienced more using this lens.. heck, i still not reviews from my CZ even it's in my hand now.. so... just wanna share the feeling using this lens... thats all... (>_____<)

If u looking comparison site for thye type of zoom lens u can click here... Tamron/Sigma/Sony/Minolta 70-200mm F2.8 Shootout

So thats all for today...

p/s: i have to do my real assignment now for tomorrow lecture... huh~~~

so.. for now

"Thankz for ur LOVE" (#^.^#)


Saturday, August 21, 2010




9.00am, i still cant sleep.. huhuhu.. once i open my eyes on 11.40am... i see a package at my sis dining table... wow... i rush out.. and nearly scream out... (>_____<) hahahahahaha

my item finally here... horayyyyy... (^_^)v

So pic of this item in package view...

View after package removed... (^_^)

this my first test.. i really tired to type review for today so.. let the pics talk... hahhaha

See how its goes.... but im still feel weird.. uneasy.. wonder why~~

so.. for now

"Thankz for ur LOVE" (#^.^#)


Friday, August 20, 2010

Where is it..???



Until now, i still dont receive my item... (T___T) is they got lost or something..? dont find my sis house...? huhuhu..

So my panic mode: ON... i check this early morning.. it should be deliver by today..

but where is it.... question mark~~~


time 4:02 PM, in-front lappy, updated facebook status;

just saw a postman and i rush out to front gate.... but i remembered that im using parcel sevices so.. cant be him..


where is it.... question mark~~~~


time 4:50 PM, lean my back on wall;

not my day~~~




**subject is not me and i just copy form nett..


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lost..? Not a problem anymore..



Huh.. last Saturday i met with my friends to TT (teh tarik) at Putrajaya. So at start... when my fren purpose to me to meet up at putrajaya i totally disagree.. to lazy to go there.. reason im telling him.. but the real reason i dont want to go overthere coz i dont know anything around there man.. mean the road, location and etc. blank, zero, ka-puut.... m( ")m.. ahhahaha

so he assist me via google maps.. so i not lost.. im as noobie, study the map.. after break the fast.. start the engine and go.... with the map 100% in my head.. total confident 100%.

After 30 minutes driving... the number begin reduce rapidly plus raining.. hard to see the signboard.. im starting reducing my pahala via vulgar language coming out from my mouth one by one... wakakaka..

After main "pusing-pusing" at precinct 9 finally i found petronas station beside traffic light... so im calling my fren and askin him to pick me up cos im totally lost there and i dont know to go anywhere.. and he said.. ok, im coming to get u.. 5 minutes... when met up.. lets go bro.. im started my engine and began following him from behind.. i gave signal to the right like him.. stop at traffic light just a few meters from the station.. then turn right... again turn right... he already gave the signal to parking.... WTF...??? wahahahaha

So im starting telling my self.... u must have a GPS... a really cheap one... (when come any acc. non related to DSLR.. im really a cheapskate and stingy.. hahahaha) so i start sufring MUDAH..
find a hand phone have free garmin gps... not find anything... so im askin my fren around about the cheapest but worth it to have... what model? so after searching around nokia brand.. and finalize the price.. i got... (#^.^#)

Hahahhaaha.. (^.^)v

Cheap though.. 2nd hand.. condition so-so...with some extra function related to camera... with xenon flash.. something.. i dont know.. last time i bought a mobile phone was 2 years ago... so..but it recommended by a fren.. so i trust it.. and most important part... Garmin GPS...

So tonite.. off to install the garmin FREE OF CHARGE... from a fren...

owh.. before i forgot...

my moster is on tha way... and i hope it reach me tomorrow...

so.. for now

"Thankz for ur LOVE" (#^.^#)