Monday, March 30, 2009

It's EVER come TRue....?

This Pic of my friend taken by using cyber-shot DSC-T100...

Subjective isn't..? (*^ - ^*)

Looks like thinking way ahead.. well this is my taste taking pic...

I love candid picture.... but i do not have proper tools to do it...

So i already set my next item list to buy.. (^ - ^)v



I really love this DSLR...

It's Sony Alpha-300 ()

Really good for starter like me..

yay..! \(▽≦)/

But i still not hv enough money to buy it...

Required around RM 2500++ m(_ _)m

Plus 2 kits lens and flash gun

Huhuhuhuhu... .... ()

This shot from back..

So i hope if anyone read this post...pray for me...

So "My DREAM can COME TRUE" (ε)


i'll do my best to saving my money and buy this DSLR end of May at least..

"Ganba~tareez"..!!!! (^^)

Thats all 4 2 day

"Thankz for ur LOVE" (#^.^#)